Selasa, 25 November 2014


NISSA promotes dress-code for finesse. Outfits are revitalized by volume with symbolic and meaningful details and colors that take them out of obscurity and place them in an area of ​​high fashion. Made from delicate, precious, warm tones, collections stand out through the cut and elaborate details, focusing on handmade accessories. Feminine lines, impeccable tailoring, complexity of design and print, special attention to selection of materials allow full expression of the female body, all carrying the fingerprint of romance and of a classic-chic style, but also having the modern air of the strong woman. Diversity of pieces in NISSA collections, color variations and fine cut allow them to be easily worn by confident ladies of any age, all gaining a special feel, fit for any type of feminine personality.

Our stores greet customers with a glamorous design, offering a wide selection of day and evening outfits for ladies, but also a special collection for little girls.

Selasa, 18 November 2014

Rosy Elisalex half circle dress fit for a wedding

I've not been enjoying sewing so much recently. I'm not sure why exactly. Perhaps it's what and how I've been making things. In the last few months I've predominantly made clothes for friends which have includes a By Hand London Anna dress, full circle skirt and Colette Moneta dress, as well as some bibs for a new baby coming soon. These all had deadlines, which inevitably feel more like something on a 'to do' list. Perhaps it's also because I've recently stared my masters and I would rather be spending my time reading (there's only so much time in life). Whatever the reason, sewing has felt more like work or at least something I have to do, rather than a pleasure.

Rather than taking a sewing holiday I pushed on, I had a wedding to go to for a lovely friend. I made a By Hand London Elisalex bodice, with a half circle skirt.